Safety in Hospitals and Healthcare

WSA Consultancy are Australia’s leading hospitals and healthcare facilities workplace health and safety business. WSA Consultancy have multiple Workplace Health and Safety Management Plans, procedures, audits and methodologies specifically developed for Australian Hospitals and Healthcare facilities aligned to the Australian Clinical Guidelines and Workplace Health and Safety Acts and Regulations.

WSA Consultancy understand the diverse nature and patient focus in healthcare and the HHS Contract requirements, however with the industrial manslaughter laws introduced into the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations the Duty Holder or a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) are ultimately responsible to ensure there business complies to the ISO45001.

WSA Consultancy have extensive experience in Hospitals and Healthcare facilities with there principle consultants having all worked in Federal and/or State Health Departments in senior roles. WSA Consultancy wants to improve hospital and healthcare workplace health and safety systems and have positive impacts on employee health and wellbeing outcomes.

Increasingly hospitals and healthcare facilities are dealing with more workplace violence incidents, increased workforce manual handling incidents , an aging workforce, high workforce employment expectations, increasing workplace workers compensation insurance premiums, and increased involvement from the Worksafe Regulator into workplace incidents and procedures.

WSA Consultancy can offer a coordinated and positive change management process to your workplace that will assist your business deliver positive workplace health and wellbeing outcomes for employees, patients, visitors and sub-contractors.

WSA Consultancy does this in consolation with your business and aims to mentor your leadership teams along the positive change management process while ensuring the changes introduced are sustainable, quality controlled and workable in your business settings and aligned to ISO45001. Contact WSA 0408 932 454 or

WSA Consultancy Technical Examples Include:

  • Safety Management Plans for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Workplace Violence and Security Reviews and Procedures
  • Medical Gas Work Procedure and Awareness Training
  • Fit Testing of P2/N95 Masks Audit and Procedures
  • Incident Investigation Procedure and Management
  • Confined Space Procedure & Awareness Training
  • Cytotoxic Chemicals Management
  • Sub-Contractor Management Procedures
  • Helicopter Ground Crew Procedures and Training
  • Working at Height Procedures and Training Package
  • Fatigue Management Procedures and Awareness Training
  • Asbestoses Management Procedures
  • Concrete Cutting & Grinding Procedures and Awareness Training
  • Lock Out Tag Out Procedures and Awareness Training
  • Excavation Ground Penetration Procedures and Awareness Training
  • Forklift Procedures and Awareness Training
  • Hot Work Procedures and Awareness Training Package
  • Isolation Procedures and Training Package

Contact WSA Consultancy on 0408 932 454 or