Agriculture and Farm Safety

WSA Consultancy has its origins in the agriculture and farming industries having worked with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment during the drought in the early 2000’s. Unfortunately agriculture and farming are leading the way with workplace incidents. This is in part because these industries are isolated regionally and have been able to operate autonomy. Due to the number of workplace incidents and issues surrounding chemical exposure, seasonal workforces, working at heights, transport and animals related incidents Worksafe are now actively looking at the risk profile of many agriculture and farming businesses. WSA Consultancy can assist many farm and agriculture businesses in future proofing there safety and help them provide safer workplaces for there employees.

WSA Consultancy Assisting Your Business

WSA Consultancy works with you to identify your needs and offers advise on Workplace Health and Safety. No matter were you are in Australia we can help you achieve your health and safety goals.

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